From Texas with Love | Rocky Mountain National Park Destination Family Photographer | Couple Session

These two Texans flew in to Colorado for a little getaway from their kiddos back home, and spend some time together, just the two of them!

When they reached out for photos and mentioned they wanted mountain backdrops and “Colorado -everything”, I quickly mentioned Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes, Colorado! You cannot beat that majestic mountain range, beautiful little elk herds, wavy grass and wildflowers, and always-changing weather! RMNP so beautifully encompasses Colorado and it’s rugged and gorgeous landscape its takes my own breath away!

I also believe in the power of parents and partners getting away from “it all” just to reconnect. I adore the light and life these two gave each other during our time together. We laughed, talked about line dancing, talked about snakes (yipes), and chatted about having four kids (they do too!). It’s a juggle, but these two were so awesome to carve a little time out for themselves and explore an area hand-in-hand.

Can’t wait to have an excuse to go back soon and adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park again soon!

Margaret KoningComment