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Destination Family Photography in the Colorado Rockies


get behind the scenes of a rocky mountain family session


My photography journey began very much alone, with just me, my camera, and my computer for any guidance. I once reached out to a local photographer in the area and she politely of brushed me off when I brought up mentoring me; that encounter left me to stick to a chapter of trial and error, on my own. If I could do it over again I wouldn't change much, save the fact that I didn't push hard enough for a one-on-one mentorship. A mentorship could have given me hands-on learning (one of the best ways to learn for so many people), saved me valuable time in the trial and error phase, and given me a chance to make a lifelong friend and fellow photographer in the business. 


Kind Words

“I was struggling with my photography business. I felt stuck with where I was at, I wanted to increase my growth, but I didn’t know how exactly. I saw a vision for my business, I was just unsure on how to get there. This is where Margaret with Margaret Koning Photography, walked into my life. When I stated mentoring with Margaret I had so many questions about my camera, my current portfolio, the flow of my sessions, my editing techniques, and how to take my business from a hobby to a real photography business. Margaret was so patient and knowledgable, she really helped me transform my business. I have been a photographer for 4 years, and this year I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep it going. After mentoring with Margaret, and really making her advice and myself seriously, I am so proud to say this has been the busiest year I have had yet. I am forever grateful for Margaret, she selflessly chose community over competition, and really dove into my business with me and helped me turn it around. I highly recommend mentoring with her, whether you need help starting out, or you’ve been in it a while already and just feel stuck and need that extra push to get things going. She will help you do great things with your business, and I am truly blessed with have met her and I feel privileged to have mentored with her. ~Cassie Leiker with Cassie Leiker Photography

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As all creatives are different, the mentorship package is custom fit to your needs. However, each package includes:

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Meet & Greet

Either virtually or in-person before we start our mentoring adventure (complimentary)

I like to start with a quick chat about what you're needing most in your photography journey. From portfolio help to getting clients to naturally connect during a session, we can discuss what would be the most help to you. This meet and greet usually lasts for about 30 minutes, developing a plan that benefits your business and creative heart! 

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Portfolio Review

Developing a cohesive portfolio that attracts your ideal clients and communicates your brand and vision to inquiring clients.  

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Two Hours of Question & Answer

(virtual or in-person) 

Whatever you find you need to discuss, including marketing, attracting ideal clients, developing your brand, differentiating yourself from other photographers, pricing your worth, and more. 

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One-on-one Mentoring Shoot (60 min. session) & One-on-one Editing the Shoot

This is where I personally learned so much; interaction with clients, organizing/directing/and editing the session, learning about styling clients, seeking the best outdoor areas and times for sessions, and editing in a cohesive way each session. 

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Continuing relationship with yours truly after the mentorship 

It doesn't have to formally end after our mentorship has ended. It is important to me, personally and professionally, to build relationships with other artists, champion our successes, and relate to our missteps. I'll continue to cheer you on and check in with you, long after our time in the mentorship has ended! 


Fine Print

Each mentoring session is based on your needs, and tailored to your experience. You get everything listed above for one cost of $450.

One easy price. Two easy payments.

*All mentorships require a non-refundable downpayment of $150 to hold your mentoring date, the remainder of $300 paid before we head out to shoot and edit together. 

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