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Destination Family Photography in the Colorado Rockies

The Session


It’s about getting outside, exploring together & letting the moments unfold


Connection over perfection

Laughing, slipping off shoes, dancing, connecting with each other and not the camera, getting a little dirty, and maybe even a little wet; this is the session you’ve been looking for.

As a mom of four myself I have designed my family sessions to highlight your connection while helping everyone to relax and stay true to realness of you.

And once we get to our location the rest is easy! You get your people to the session spot and we will embrace, skip, run and capture. You guys be your awesome selves and the photos will speak for themselves.

The Nitty Gritty

Once you book you will also receive my handy info guide with expanded details to get you completely ready for the shoot

Clients and myself work together before a session to make sure our session together is comfortable and planned out, taking the guesswork out of everything. Our location is planned with each unique client in mind, and takes into account travel time, location conditions, and any special requests. I aim to please! Once we have the location nailed down we will meet with usually one hour before sunset to shoot the session. Although all families are different, some families find this time hard for little ones; however, I find once we are outdoors and exploring the terrain together there is minimal fussiness and usually many opportunities to capture the bonds in each little family. Although bringing along a small snack and some water never hurts either!



“As a lifestyle photographer, I want to capture you and yours interacting, unposed, and loving on each other. I lead sessions with prompts and tasks, but rarely ever ask you all to look at me and smile into the camera.

I see beauty in the natural interaction and movement of your individual family.”

The Investment


$450 includes 65+ digital photos for printing

Our journey together becomes official when you pay your first payment of $200. From there we will be in contact about what days work best for your family and we will set up our time together around the golden hour of sunset. We will finalize our time and location as the session approaches. I will be in touch with you within 24 hours of the shoot to discuss the weather and any last minute concerns you might have.

One week after your photoshoot you will pay the remaining balance of $250. Delivery takes anywhere from one to two weeks unless otherwise noted.


$225 includes 15+ digital photos for printing, 30 min.

Located at the Wheat Ridge studio. Limited dates available. Perfect for milestone moments and/or portrait sessions. Full payment required at time of booking.



What to Wear

I put a great deal of time and coordination into wardrobe assistance with clients, mostly because wardrobe can make or break a session’s vibe. I joke to clients that I will probably make mom wear a dress, and its true!

However I also understand flowy dresses aren’t for everyone and my goal is to make sure I am honoring clients in a way that represents their truth in their images!

We work together to nail down a perfect wardrobe with the pieces already in clients’ closets, pieces I have in my Client Closet, and sometimes a piece or two from the store.

I also offer free services from Style & Select, an interactive styling tool that each of my clients are provided at time of booking. Utilize this service to pick and coordinate outfits yourself or with my help. This tool helps to further your experience and takes more guesswork out of getting the family ready.

What About the Weather?

Oh weather, the biggest rival to your beautiful session! I will try to do my best to avoid cancelling sessions, however a change in weather (especially seen in Colorado) will prompt me to cancel a session if there are unsafe conditions and/or unideal weather for photos.

I will try and cancel a session no less than 12 hours before the session time, however sometimes clients and myself get to a session location only to find conditions are not going to work, in which we will then find a different time, location, and/or date that will work for everyone.

If you’re coming in from out of town:

My recommendation is to block off 2-3 evenings when we can potentially do your family’s photo session. You never know when bad weather will hit!



Cancellation Policy

Real talk: between illness, travel plans and the chance of the 2 year old getting a black eye I will work with you if you need to reschedule. Any payments made will be retained by me while we figure out a new game plan. The bottom line is that we will figure it out!

If the session cannot be rescheduled in most cases you will forfeit your initial payment. You will receive a refund of your final payment.

A session with me looks like unposed moments, candid curiosity, & beautiful small details. I capture clients at their best; relaxed, connecting, and together. There are minimal instances I pose shots; I aim to create connection through genuine interactions. Feeling a little awkward at first in front of the camera is completely natural; small prompts and ways to keep moving help to make even the most camera-shy subject join in on the fun!

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A note from my mama heart to yours:

Never have you ever seen how much your kids love you like this. These photos are a gentle reminder of the difference you are making in the world through the bond you have with each of your children.

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I can’t wait to meet you