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Destination Family Photography in the Colorado Rockies

Images by Stormy Solis Photography

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At my core I am a photographer who wants to see your family interact in your own unique way, the way that is honest to this chapter in your life.

mom plays with kids in mountains

i believe

in letting the kids get dirty, in the value of waiting for authentic connection & in the power of photos to stop time

10 Things About Me

  1. I always knew I’d have kids, but 4 kids? haha

  2. Being a Colorado native, I naturally don’t know how to ski or snowboard or even sled very well

  3. My bev of choice is caffeine

  4. I fantasize of being able to own white sofas

  5. If I could be anywhere besides here, it'd be Taos, New Mexico

  6. I met my husband at the Winter X Games in Aspen

  7. I often mix up the names of my three younger boys up to create “Te-hen-rett”

  8. If I had $1000 to spend on clothes I’d shop at Anthropologie

  9. I get legit excited to hike into the mountains with big families

  10. My greatest joy is in seeing our family together


My own chapter is full of four crazy kids and a very loving and patient husband! We are a family full of energy and curiosity, and you can usually find us hiking around Colorado or adventuring out on the weekends.

I got into photography when I started documenting my first child's every waking minute (don't we all?). 

When my last little one was born, I found myself consumed with capturing them in their essence; jumping on the beds, finding a cool bug outside, or helping each other out in a pinch.

I began to understand that photography went beyond trying to capture the perfect or posed; it was a way to visually write a story about my children and my life in an authentic and beautiful way.

This revelation wasn't only refreshing, it became the life blood of my photography business. I started capturing families and people in their homes and loved how it always resulted in relaxed faces, comfortable demeanors, and fun experiences. The only thing that’s changed is the backdrop, and now it’s become the experience I most look forward to in my career: hiking out into the Rocky Mountains with excited families and watching their magic unfold.


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me with my crew | image by Shelley Torgerson Photography

me with my crew | image by Shelley Torgerson Photography